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DIY Spit Roast

Sadly each year there isn’t enough of us to personally attend & cook at each and every event.

We thought about cloning ourselves but we would just end up arguing  with ourselves

However we have a number of spit roast and tray roast machines that we regularly hire out to commercial clients and  to novice first  time roasters.

How it works is this

Its just a big oven

We will prepare the pig/lamb. If it’s a spit roast there is a techniques to this and  we will rod the hog.

On the day we will deliver the machine  and help you set up. We run though the machine and operation and more often than not will get you underway and cooking.

Cooking Time

We say an 1 hour for every 10kg

None of our  Tray Roast / Spit Roast require plugging into electric sockets or noisy generators. They run off LPG and the Spit machine motors are run off concealed leisure batteries.


What's Included

Our DIY Hog Roast machine hire package starts at £650 for ’55kg’ Hog & £575 Lamb.

This includes hire of  Machine & tank of LDG Gas for 1 day, Hog/Lamb prepared, free delivery & collection up to 15 miles.

Not everyone can eat a whole pig (some try) so we can supply half pigs BBQ packs.

Our Spit roast machines run off self contained leisure batteries so no power extension cables required. 

We also do all the cleaning side of the machine so you don’t have to worry about that.

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Delivery & Set Up

DIY Cinders BBQ


  • No assembly needed.
  • Folds to 190mm (7½ins) flat for transport.
  • Internal self-cleaning by reflected heat, -means no time lost.
  • Cooking heat achieved in less than five minutes.
  • High pressure burners unaffected by wind.
  • Easy low maintenance from minimal, rugged design.
  • Warranty for Commercial Use.
  • High capacity from ‘production line’ open grill, for faster profits.
  • Individual controls for each side of the grill.
  • Economic 12hrs full heat from one 19kg propane cylinder.
  • Excess fat collected in any disposable ring-pull can.
  • Can be stored vertically on end, for the least storage space possible.
  • Leg design remains stable on soft earth, also protects controls when folded.


£110 + VAT

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